Rembrandt van Rijn - Self Portrait in a Cap, Wide-eyed and Open-mouthed

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Of all the self-portraits in which Rembrandt depicts emotions, this one is probably the most appealing. He looks frightened here, with pursed lips and wide-open eyes. He is seen slightly from below, so that he seems to be retreating. The etching is clear and cleverly executed, with the contours of the shoulders and cap fading into the edges.

Copyright: Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main - U. Edelmann/ARTOTHEK

Material: 50% cotton 24% polyester 24% nylon 2% elastane
Country of origin: India

The most famous work of art

The anatomy of Dr. Tulp is a painting by the Dutch painter Rembrandt. The work, completed in 1632, now hangs in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. The spectators shown are ceremonially dressed for the social occasion, as Dr. Tulp members of the Amsterdam Guild of Barbers and Surgeons.



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