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Claude Monet - Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies

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In 1893, Monet, a passionate gardener, bought land with a pond near his Giverny property to build something 'for the pleasure of the eye and also for painting subjects'. The result was his water lily garden. In 1899 he began a series of eighteen views of the wooden footbridge over the pond and completed twelve paintings that summer, including this one. The vertical format of the picture, which is unusual in this series, emphasizes the water lilies and their reflections on the pond.

Copyright: Hansmann - ARTOTHEK

Material: 83% cotton, 15% polyamide, 2% elastane
Country of origin: India

The most famous work of art

Water Lilies is a series of about 250 oil paintings. The paintings depict Monet's flower garden in his home in Giverny, Normandy. They were also his main artistic work during the last 30 years of his life.


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