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At MuseARTa, we want to introduce you to significant works of art as part of your wardrobe, but also in the form of your everyday textiles such as towels, tea towels, etc., so that they become a part of your life. However, this should be done without trivialising the value of art or art per se. Consequently, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving the best possible quality with our products. For example, we produce all our socks with machines equipped with 200 needles, or print our towels with digital printers, of which there are only 10 in the world. These machines allow us to have an unparalleled attention to detail. In addition, we try to make the cotton content of our products as high as possible and therefore use cotton yarn whenever possible.

Our products are the opposite of fast fashion. The designs and prints are meant to last forever, just like the works of art they represent. In addition, our range of unique artwork is constantly growing, meaning you could even create your own little art collection.

Another service we offer is the possibility to design your own products. The order quantity for socks is just 150 dozen socks per design. So why not freshen up your next exhibition with a unique design? We produce these socks at no extra charge, i.e. only at the regular price per pair, as a thank you to the wonderful world of art.

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